Merry Christmas Vol. I & II

Add these 2 CDs to your holiday collection in time for the Christmas Season! Spain's Reviews New Age said this of Mayer's Christmas album"...Matthew Mayer is one of those great pianists who has given a particular voice to famous traditional melodies, but reaching one level, a point in which the originality and tradition come together, where the melodies arise through notes, popular music who was born between fascinating changes and a great technique to discover with amazement. This is called Merry Christmas..."


Remember Your Waltz

Matthew Mayer's ninth solo piano album discovers the beauty of childhood dreams and the expression of our own unique "waltz" in life. Melodic and memorable, this album promises to capture your heart with original and intimate solo piano music.

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Matthew Mayer is the Founder of and recently recognized as composing one of the Top 50 Piano Songs of All Time By Reviews New Age.


Merry Christmas Vol. I & II, a beautiful solo piano collection of your favorite traditional Holiday Music. Order your gift package today!


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Matthew Mayer is the Owner and Founder of which features hundreds of solo piano artists from around the world including George Winston, Stephan Moccio, and many many more. Tune in and listen to the best solo piano music radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Radio Statio: The Stream at!